Product Information:

Types of Wood

Ace Hardwood Floors can install all types of hardwood floors. Please look at our directory of wood types to help you make your decision. You can call (801) 571-0573 for more information or use our online bid request form to ask us questions.

Floor Refinishing

Ace Hardwood Floors can refinish old, damaged or poorly maintained hardwood floors so they look as good as new. We can use our dustless sanding system to minimize dust in your house, call us for more information about pricing.

Floor Maintenance

Nothing beats hardwood floors for the ease of care and maintenance. It's so easy even a child can do it.

Dust mop or vacuum often, place rugs on both the inside and outside of exterior doors. Clean floors when needed using a solution of 4 parts water, 1 part Squeaky Cleaner. Attach felt pads to all chairs, stools, tables and furniture, especially pieces that will be moved often. Wipe up spills as soon as they occur.



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